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Omersub interchangeable foot pocket has been designed and developed internally by Omer's technicians and it is manufactured with newest rubber compression molding technologies existing today. The internal geometry of the foot pocket, thanks to the great experience of Beta Tools in the production of safety shoes, has been ergonomically designed to fit with total comfort. The foot pocket is produced with natural rubber in two different stiffness compounds throughout the different sections of the pocket to maximize the efficiency of the stroke without compromising comfort. Sold as a pair of two pockets. Includes assembly kits. See sizing chart below under the specification tab.

Omer Stingray Foot Pockets

  • Please note: Stingray foot pockets run very large. We strongly recommend going down a size from what you normally wear, as well as adding a 2-3mm neoprene sock.


    For example, a diver with a size 9 shoe fits into a 41/42 (7-8) Stingray pocket wearing a 3mm neoprene bootie. A diver wearing a 12.5 shoe fits into a 43/44 (9-10) wearing a 3mm neoprene bootie.

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