Composite (fiberglass) construction, available in soft or medium flex. Set includes 2 blades.



Note: Blades only. To add foot pockets, go here to choose your pocket and add to cart.


Designer Bio: Naomi Gittoes is an Artist, a Designer, a Free Diver, full Cave Diver, Dive master,Underwater Art Director and innovative underwater Performance-Artist – on a mission to inspire !


“As a free diver I can get closest to the essence of the most unexplored part of our natural world, and closest to the inner world of my imagination”


Naomi has exhibited paintings and performances for audiences world wide, she has been an Artist in Residence and Live Event Artist, and given Workshops combining Yoga, Free Diving, Meditation and Art. She enjoys collaborating creatively with others who work for sustainable conservation of the world’s oceans.







ReefLife Monochrome Composite

  • Composite(fiberglass) construction, available in soft or medium flex

  • Every pair of DiveR blades comes with a 3 year warranty!